First poké bar in the 305!

Poké 305 opened its doors in Brickell on May 24, 2016. It was the first of its kind in Miami and was the first real introduction of poké to the people of the 305. However, Poké 305 developed way earlier in the mind of Victoria Chediak—a 23-year-old.

After following the poké trend starting from its origin in Hawaii leading up to its explosive entrance into the continental US, We decided to introduce this delicious and healthy food trend to South Florida. And so Poké 305 was born!

We ordered a large catering order from here and everything was great! They did such a good job with providing all the sauces, utensils and all the Toppings. We ended up with so much left over. This was a perfect catering option for all different diets because everyone could make their own poke bowls. Highly recommend.

Chelsie C.
Miami, FL

Great experience if you're going into the poke world for the first time. Definitely a spot that you can casually eat in or you can order from and enjoy at home or work!I personally loved the Moi Bowl and also the miso soup that comes complimentary with it!

IG: @andreabaigorriaz

Andrea B.
Miami, FL

I really really reallly like this concept! It is set up like chipotle, where you go down a line and choose your bowl contents.... Here at Poke 305 The portions are great and ingredients taste fresh! It's a pretty quiet spot. I hope they get more attention because everyone is missing out!

If you are a sushi fan you gotta stop by!

My-Oanh N.
Davie, FL


Victoria Chediak,

Founder & CMO

Victoria moved to Miami from Venezuela when she was a little girl. She is fascinated with the complexities of mixing traditional food with infusions of her Latin American roots. It wasn't long before she realized that her passion was catering to the appetites of the citizens of Miami looking for a healthy and delicious meal. Poké caught her eye and the rest is -as they say- history.

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Poke 305 Brickell, 1250 S Miami Ave. #6 Miami Fl 33130, United States.

Business Hours ⏰

Monday to Saturday

11:00 am - 10:00 pm


11:00 am - 8:00 pm